Our Environmental impact – Timber Neutral

Elesco is focused on the impact we have on our environment.  We firstly only source oak that is European, both in origin and in manufacture.  Many other suppliers use European oak which is manufactured in China, this dramatically increased the carbon footprint as the oak is shipped from European to China and then back again.  Adding to this we are part of the Timber Neutral scheme, Timber Neutral is a means for making a positive difference in the environment and in sustainability, allowing us to offset our oak usage with replanting.  Timber Neutral allows manufacturers to directly control their sustainable practices, mitigating the environmental impact of a given product.

Timber Neutral works in three stages:

1st – The amount of wood that was used for the manufacture of our products is calculated

2nd – The quantity of felled trees is determined, looking at manufacturing techniques in the region the trees originated

3rd – Trees are replanted to match our usage, this part is fully audited to show where the trees have been replanted. 

This means our clients can purchase our floors with the knowledge we are doing our part to protect the environment.  We can provide our clients with audited reports showing where the replanted trees relating to their projects are situated.

The Timber Neutral scheme applies to all the flooring sold at Elesco, this covers planks, herringbone, chevron, and mansion weave.

Aside from the Timber Neutral scheme we also use market-leading oils from companies such as Blanchon, Saicos, and Ciranova.  These oil suppliers support the European V.O.C. Directive, which looks to reduce the impact in the environment from their activities, encourages customers to use the most environmentally friendly products, and are constantly developing new oils that are better for the environment.

If you would like any further information on how we are doing our part to reduce our environmental impact please let us know.

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