About Elesco

Our History

Elesco is part of a family owned oak flooring business spanning over 3 generations.  Over the years we have perfected our finishing techniques and we blend hand finishing with machine finishing to produce flooring that not only looks beautiful now but will do for years to come.  We produce market leading finishes, and provide our customers with excellent customer service.  We believe in providing the best products at competitive prices, we use the highest quality European sourced oak flooring which is finished with the best oils on the market.  Our specialist team finishes the floors at our UK based factory.  We control our supply chain and provide short lead time for any sized project. 

Elesco believes in the natural beauty of oak and have developed finishes like the FeathEffect that highlights the charm of rustic boards.  Everything we do looks to make use out of every grade of oak.


Colour Lab

Elesco has an onsite colour lab, our skilled technicians are constantly working to bring our clients new and innovative colours and finishes.  Mostly recently this has been developing the FeathEffect finish, this unique way of finishing the flooring enhances the natural beauty of the oak and really brings a floor to life.

We use a wide range of market leading oils and stains to ensure our clients receive the best quality finishes in either a hardwax or UV oil.  All of our floors receive multiple clear coats to improve durability and ensure the floors look their best for years to come.

As we do all our colour development in house, we can offer a colour matching service, all we ask is that you send us the sample shade and our experts will work to match this on any design in our range.

Our Flooring

We pride ourselves on using the best materials for our clients floors.  We source long length European oak boards, with lengths up to 3m long and 300mm wide.  We have worked alongside our mills for over 10 years and focus on quality manufacturing and strict grading rules.

Plywood Core
The core of an engineered oak floor is a very important factor.  The core determines the stability for the flooring.  We use the highest quality Russian multi ply for our floors, this has a cross layered construction.  This style of construction is considered the strongest for oak flooring.  It is suitable for use with underfloor heating and in areas with changing humidity and heat levels.

Oak Lamella
The top layer (or lamella) of our flooring is a solid oak veneer, this is always a single strip of oak.  We offer a either a 16(4) mm or 21(6) mm format.

We offer our products in prime, nature or rustic grades.  Please see our grading pages for further information.

The Factory and Warehouse

Our factory and warehouse is located in York.  All of our floors are finished in house.  We pride ourselves on our techniques for finishing floors to bring our clients market leading quality floors.   The site sits on 50,000 square feet and houses the showroom, colour lab, factory and warehouse.  The factory uses state-of-the-art machines to ensure the highest quality finishing.   Everything is finished in house, we have our main UV oiling line, several hardwax lines, brushing machines, sanding machines, fuming chambers, tumbling machines and a bespoke joinery team, this allows us to fully control our production and we do not rely on 3rd parties to finish our floors like many of our competitors.

We stock around 15,000m2 in our warehouse with stock arriving from Europe on a weekly basis .  This allows us to react quickly to demand and because everything we stock is unfinished we will never run out of a colour.