We hand finish all of our floors at our factory near York.  This means we can offer our clients a large selection of colours finished in either a UV oil or Hardwax oil.  We can also offer a colour matching service.  We can finish any design with any colour, offering a complete bespoke service for our clients.  Please see below for the different options.  No matter which finishing option you choose Elesco only uses the highest quality oils to produce long lasting beautiful floors. Please see here for our most popular colours across all of our finishing ranges.

Hardwax Oil

Hardwax oil finishes give a natural look with a fantastic depth of colour, highlighting the natural beauty of the oak.  The oil penetrates the oak increasing protection and helps to hide any scratches and scuffs.  Traditionally a hardwax oil finish is softer than a UV or lacquered finish, at Elesco we apply several clear topcoats to our flooring, this means our clients achieve a natural beautiful floor but with increased durability.   Hardwax oils are easy to repair and maintain, meaning your beautiful floor will look fantastic for several years with minimal effort.    

UV Oil

Similar in appearance to a hardwax oil, the main difference with a UV oil is that the oil is cured under a UV light.  This means the oil is fully cured the second it leaves the oiling line.  UV finishes are not as rich in depth as a hardwax oil but offer greater protection.  UV oil is often compared to a lacquered finish, this is due to the strength of both finishes, but with a UV oil we can achieve a greater colour range.  Maintenance on a UV oil is similar to a hardwax oil.