Finishing options at Elesco

We offer a wide range of finishes for your flooring including hardwax oil, UV oil and lacquers, each has its benefits to the end-users. 

Hardwax oil and UV oils are very similar in their final appearance and maintenance requirements, where as a lacquer floor tends to be a polyurethane based product which requires lower maintenance requirements.

With the ever increase popularity of wooden floors especially designs such as herringbone, mansion weave and planks it is important to choose the best finish for your needs.

Hardwax Oils:

Hardwax oils are buffed into the flooring, the high solids then dry to form a hard protective layer, after buffing the flooring is left on drying racks and left for 24-48 hours to cure between coats.  Multiple coats are applied for a hard-wearing finish, at Elesco we also add multiple clear coats for added durability.  The results are a deep rich colour with a natural matt appearance.  Caring for a hardwax oil floor is very easy, we recommend a coat of maintenance oil is applied once the flooring is installed and then annually to help protect the flooring for many years.   You can use a hardwax oil in most rooms in the house, we would not recommend our flooring in wet rooms or rooms with high humidity changes. 

UV Oil:

Like a hardwax oil a UV oil is buffed into the surface of the flooring, the difference comes in the drying stage, the UV oil is passed under a UV light which instantly cures the finish.  This allow other coats to be applied straight away or the flooring can be packed.  This process removes the need to drying times with a hardwax oil and decreased the lead time for clients.   The resulting finish is more durable than a hardwax oil but does not have the rich finish colour.  The care requirements are the same as the hardwax oil, where we recommend a coat of maintenance oil is applied annually. 

For both the above finishes repair is very easy, if the floor is a little worn from high traffic areas the application of maintenance oil (which requires no sanding) will bring the floor back to its original state.  For any badly damaged areas you can easily sand back the finish and apply a new coat of oil onsite to repair, just note the UV oil will require a high intensity UV light to be cured onsite.

The choice of colours in either a hardwax or UV oil is almost endless, we offer 250+ standard shades in our range and add to this, please see  for more information.  At Elesco we can also manipulate the final sheen level, so you can choose from a ultra matt to a high gloss, everything is bespoke and finished to your requirements.


Lacquer finishes give the best resistance to liquids as the polyurethane is highly resistant to liquid.  For this reason, lacquered floors are historically the choice in very high traffic areas such as a bar, a disadvantage with a lacquer floor is it will wear similarly to a waxed floor but is harder to maintain and repair.   You also have a smaller range of colours available in a lacquered finish.  For these reasons we still recommend using a hardwax or UV oil as the main choices in finish.

At Elesco we focus on hardwax and UV oils as we believe these gives our clients the best choice in relation to colour and durability.  We always add multiple clear topcoats to our finishes to improve durability and give you a beautiful floor that will stand the tests of modern living. All of our shades are available in any design, including herringbone, mansion weave and plank, please see for our full range of products.

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