How to choose a parquet design

Oak flooring has always been popular especially in plank design. In recent times parquet floors have had a resurgence in popularity.  These classic designs always look great and are timeless. The most popular designs are herringbone, chevron, mansion weave and basket weave, all available at Elesco.

Ingham – Hardwax Oil

Parquet floors were first used in France in the 17th century, originally parquet floors were always made from solid oak. In modern times engineered parquet has been introduced, this means the flooring is made from 2 components, a solid oak veneer, usually 4-6mm and then a plywood core. The benefit to engineered over solid is the increased strength in construction leading to less movement and allowing engineered flooring to be used over underfloor heating. Always remember oak is a hygroscopic material and absorbs and losses moisture during the year, this means the floors will increase and decrease their moisture content and expand and contract. Visually both options are the same, but we feel engineered boards is a far better option for modern living.


Herringbone flooring is a classic parquet design, and is the most popular in modern times. This design lays rectangular blocks in an overlapping weave to create the look. The design works in any space and always looks great.

Beswick – UV Oil


Chevron flooring is another classic and popular design, this uses blocks cut at 45 or 60 degrees and met point to point, this gives a striking appearance in the room and can be used to add width to smaller rooms. 

Kirby – UV Oil

Non-Directional Parquet

Another striking option is a non-directional parquet floor, such as a mansion weave or basket weave. Both of these designs not only look beautiful and make a statement but due to their non-directional look work well spanning over several rooms. 

Irton – UV Oil

Whichever parquet design you choose will look stunning, at Elesco we can finish any design in any of our 250+ standard colours in either a hardwax or UV oil.  Meaning we can offer our clients the widest range of hard-wearing floors in the market today.  You can even choose different designs in the same colour which will blend perfectly. Elesco only uses the highest quality European oak flooring finished with market leading oils. 

The choice of parquet design is always a personal one and needs to work within your overall design, the bigger decision tends to be the colour.  If you are not sure on either option please give us a call and we can discuss which will look best and seamlessly flow into your home.

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