How to maintain you Elesco floor

Buying a beautiful oak floor from Elesco is an investment that clients want to look good for as long as possible.  With very little maintenance you can keep your flooring looking perfect for years to come.  The process is the same no matter the design, whether it be herringbone or mansion weave you look after the floors in the same way.

Preventative Maintenance

Dirt and grit can increase the wear and tear on your flooring, we recommend you place mats at entryways to catch debris before it enters your home.  Dirt can act like sandpaper and increase the wear on the flooring.  The use of rugs and mats in heavy traffic areas could also be added, just be careful on the backing as this may discolour the flooring and rugs are not permitted with underfloor heating. 

Adopting a no shoe policy will help to reduce the wear and tear on your flooring.

Using felt guard pads on heavy furniture will prevent scratches and marks if the furniture is moved. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning will help maintain your wood flooring.  Sweeping or using a vacuum cleaner (with a wood flooring attachment) will eliminate and dirt on the flooring.  Mopping the floor is also recommend, use a clean and damp mop and a natural soap product such as the Saicos Wash Care will help to clean and boost the protection on the flooring.  Try and avoid soaking the flooring when mopping. Mopping is required before any applications of maintenance oil.  Do not use any strong solvents on the flooring and avoid cleaning with washing up liquid as this will break the oils in the flooring down.  Steam cleaners will also damage the flooring, and these should not be used.

Any spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent any staining on the flooring.  Use a soft, clean cloth. 

Annual Maintenance

We recommend applying a coat of maintenance oil annually to the flooring, this helps to refresh the surface and keep the flooring looking great.  This is a very easy process, the floors needs to be swept and mopped then you apply with oil with an application kit, no sanding is required.   This is a crucial maintenance process to complete, without maintenance oil you run the risk of wearing the colour on the flooring once the original protection has been worn, this could take 5-10 years to happen.  But topping up the topcoat will extend the life of your flooring considerably and refreshes the finish.

Environmental Considerations

Wood flooring is a natural hygroscopic material, this means it absorbs and loses moisture as the seasons change.   In modern living, with the use of underfloor heating, air conditions units and normal heating systems the floors will see a variety of environmental conditions.  It is important to keep the flooring within the acceptable parameters.  To maintain this a humidifier may be required depending on how your house reacts to seasonal changes.  The acceptable conditions are relative humidity between 45%-65% with an ambient temperature of around 20 ℃.  If underfloor heating is used this can not exceed 27 ℃ below the flooring, the use of a thermostat is recommended and monitoring systems such as a Fid Box.  In most cases these paraments are met without having to do any intervention but it is important to monitor the environmental conditions in your home.

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