Installation Guidelines


Engineered flooring supplied by Elesco are suitable for use with underfloor heating system.  You should not lay any solid wood flooring over underfloor heating systems.  Wood flooring is a natural product, it is imperative to keep the humidity and temperature within the specified levels.  The optimal range for oak flooring is between 45%-65% relative humidity with a maximum temperature of 27 ℃ below the board.  When installing the flooring the air temperature should be around 20 ℃. 


The wood flooring should be stored in the room that it will be laid, the flooring should never be stored outdoors, in a garage or in any damp conditions.  The flooring should be left in the packaging and stored flat in the room.  Without any underfloor heating we recommend the board acclimatise for 48 hours, with underfloor heating they would require 5 days to acclimatise.   The property should be watertight, and all wet trades should be finished before the flooring is delivered.  Before installation, the moisture content of the concrete should be tested, this should be below 2%, this testing is imperative on any new screed.  If the screed is at or above 2% it will release moisture as it dries and can damage the wood flooring.  We would recommend a liquid damp proof membrane is used if there are any concerns over the moisture levels.  The sub floor must be clean, dry, flat and structurally sound, the subfloor must be flat withing 3mm over a 1-meter in any direction.  If laying the flooring onto existing floorboards you must ensure the floorboards are securely fixed to the joist below and no movement is present.  If the new flooring is to be laid in the same orientation as the original floorboards, then sheet material must be installed.  If you have any concerns around the sub floor, please ask the installer to check this before the flooring is delivered.  Hardwood floors are not suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms.  As a rule, we would recommend a 10-15mm expansion gap around the full perimeter of the room.  These including under door frames, pipes and any other hard surface.  These expansion gaps can be covered with thresholds which will be colour matched to the flooring or using skirting boards.  In large rooms please allow an extra 2mm expansion gap for every 1 metre of width greater than 5 metres.  It is recommended that a mat is used at all entrances to the property, this reduces the risk of damage caused by dirt and grit. 

Please note that the installer is the last person to inspect the flooring, any defective or damage boards should not be installed, the company should be contacted immediately.  We cannot be held responsible for any product failure that is caused by onsite environmental issues, subfloor issues or incorrect installation.   Any flooring that is installed is deemed acceptable by the customer.

Stick Down

Elesco would recommend sticking down your wooden flooring.  This method involves bonding the flooring to the subfloor using a suitable flexible adhesive.  This method is suitable for both wooden and concrete subfloors.  If you are sticking down to concrete, please ensure the concrete is fully cured and has less than 2% moisture content.  For any new concrete we would recommend using a liquid damp proof membrane.  To apply the adhesive, use a V notched trowel and spread over a small area, firmly push the flooring into place ensuring full transfer, using a tapping block to ensure correct installation.  Light footfall can use the floor after 6-8 hours and normal footfall after 24 hours, please check with the suppliers’ guidelines.


Floating is another method to install the flooring, this method places an underlay on the subfloor and then sticking the flooring to itself using a PVA adhesive. The weight of the flooring holds it in place.  This method is not suitable for some parquet designs.  The one downside to this method is the flooring can move underfoot and is more susceptible to movement caused by environmental changes.  The benefits are the reduced install time and cost compared to sticking down.


Elesco are a supply only company, we can recommend fitting teams that cover most of the UK.  We only use fitters that have worked with Elesco for many years and work to our high standards. For a price and to check availably please contact the office.  The fitting agreement is between the fitters and the clients, all payments are made directly to the fitter not to Elesco.