Joinery – Stair Treads and Risers

We like to consider every aspect on an install and remove (where possible) any details that can ruin a project.  Historically, most flooring companies will offer stair treads and risers, these will be made up of planks and separate nosing’s which are bonded onsite.  There are issues with this method, firstly you can see an unsightly line where the join between nosing and tread is, secondly the colours will not always match the flooring, so this emphasises the difference in materials used. See below for an example of this;

We decided this was not acceptable for our clients, we have an onsite joinery team that can make fully bespoke stair parts.  These are made using engineered oak planks and we bond in a solid nosing, these are seamless so you will not have the unsightly join between the nosing and tread.  We also use the same materials we use on our flooring, so not matter if you have herringbone, or plank flooring the colours will match the stair cladding.

We offer these in various styles, most popular are bull nosing’s and rounded square nosing’s. 

This system works to clad any style of staircase, we can create treads, risers, kites, winders, all with seamless joints and giving the appearance of a solid tread.  If required, we can add side returns with the same nosing detailing.  These can be curved or straight side returns.  Large, curved ends are also possible for a feature bottom step.

If you have a very complex staircase, we offer a service where a member of our team will visit site and electronically map the staircase, this is then exported to a CAD system and then we use this to CNC cut out the stair parts.  This will give a perfectly sized tread every time, meaning onsite fitting times are dramatically reduced and no cutting is required.

See below for a recent video of a completed staircase.

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