Elesco has an in-house joinery team, we offer bespoke stair treads and risers, which do not require a separate nosing.  The treads and risers are mitered together leaving a clean edge with no visible joins.  We can offer a squared or bull nosing.  This dramatically improves the appearance of the stairs.   The team can make bespoke curved stair treads, this gives our clients the choice of a curved bottom step that is made from the same oak as the flooring to ensure a consistent colour.

Many of our competitors use a separate nosing and it is difficult to achieve a perfect colour match resulting in the nosing and the treads / risers being a different colour, this can ruin the entire project.  We can make kite winders in any width with no visible joins if required.    Please see below for images of the style of stair cladding we can offer.