Matching your décor with your oak flooring

Interior design can be a daunting task, but with some simple tips you can achieve a wonderful living space.  It is always worth noting the intended use of the room, the result must not only look good but be fit for purpose and be comfortable. One of the biggest challenges is to match your overall décor with your flooring.  The ever-increasing options for flooring and furniture options this may seem a very difficult task, but it does not have to be. 

Creating space

The flooring plays a vital part of any interior design, it can be a great way to link different rooms together and to create space.  For instance, covering the entire ground floor with one flooring design and one colour will bring together the overall design and make the area feel much larger.  You could even clad the stairs and landing with the same oak to bring the design to the upper levels.  Using light to medium shades also helps to increase the size of a room, whilst very dark shades can bring a room in and feels like a decrease in space.  Current trends have lightened recently as more people are opting for open airy feeling rooms.

Colour Options

A common approach is to match your furniture to the flooring, but this can not end up looking that good, the main issue is oak is all different and the chances of matching different oaks from different suppliers is almost impossible.  The result can be a room that is overwhelming to look at and just does not work, with many mis-matched pieces of furniture.  The room will look nicer with a mix of colours and textures, adding a few brighter pieces can bring a room to life, just be careful to not overdo it.  In terms of furniture the best method would be to choose shades that contrast your flooring whether this is a darker or lighter tone to the flooring.  Then using brighter pillows or artwork can give the room a more interesting appearance. 

Choosing the colours can often be a confusing decision, an important thing to consider is the undertone to your floor, oak floors can have warm undertones such as oranges, browns and natural shades or a cooler undertone which is more modern greys, blues, and greens.  Once you know the undertone of your flooring you can match this to the pieces of furniture.   

At Elesco we offer over 250 standard shades, this may sound an overwhelming number, but it just means we have a shade that will work into any design scheme. 

Flooring Design

We offer a wide range of flooring options from straight planks and the most popular parquet options such as herringbone, chevron, mansion weave and basket weave.  In relation to the design of your property, I would say the colour plays a bigger part than the design. 


We offer 3 grades of oak, prime, nature and rustic.  It is important when choosing the grade of your flooring that this matches the feel for your design.  The different grades are always the same quality oak, this just refers to the number of knots and graining on the oak.  A prime oak has limited or no knots and straight grains whereas a rustic board will have multiple knots and a more natural looking grain pattern.  We would link the flooring to the furniture, a rustic floor will work well in a barn conversion and with rustic furniture.


It is important if you are using many different wooden pieces in a room to try create barriers between the oaks.  For instance, a rug between your oak floor and oak furniture.  This will help your eye to visually differentiate between the two different oaks and stops the room feeling cluttered.  This can also be achieved using different materials and textures in the room with a few splashes of colour.

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