Oil care

How to look after your Elesco floor

Looking after your wood flooring provided by Elesco is remarkably simple and easy.  With some basic maintenance your floor will continue to look fantastic for years to come. 

During the install / preventive maintenance:
We would recommend the flooring is one of the final elements to be installed in the project, this will minimise the risk of other trades damaging the flooring.  If other trades are still onsite, we would recommend the flooring is covered with breathable protection, if the floor is covered you must switch the underfloor heating off. 

We recommend you install door mats at all external entrances, this will reduce the dirt and grit walking onto the flooring reducing the wear.  Furniture legs should have felt protection this will eliminate any danger of scratches and scuffs.  Any split liquids should be cleaned up immediately.

After the install:
Is it important to allow the finish on your flooring to fully harden, this can take up to 10 days after finishing.  Please do not wet the flooring during this phase, dry cleaning is allowed. 

Elesco recommends you clean the floor with a natural soap and then apply a coat of maintenance oil once the flooring is installed; this will seal the gaps between the floorboards and further protect your flooring. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Dry cleaning:
It is recommended that you sweep / vacuum the flooring weekly, this removes any loose dirt and grit that can wear the flooring.

Wet cleaning:
You can dry mop the flooring, you should use a natural floor soap, such as the Blanchon natural soap.  We can provide an oil care set which includes a Bona spray mop with cartridge, applicator mop, spare applicator pad and maintenance oil.  This set contains everything you will need to maintain your flooring.

Annual Maintenance
We would recommend that you apply a coat of maintenance oil annually, this will maintain the protection on the flooring and keep it looking great.

Things to avoid:
Please do not use any strong chemicals on the flooring, including washing up liquid, abrasive cleaners, sugar soap etc.  You should not use any steam cleaners on the floor and limit the amount of water used when mopping the floor.  The flooring should only be cleaned with soft pads, the use of any abrasive pads is not recommended such as scouring pads.  Please do not stick any adhesive tape to the flooring,

Environmental Conditions
Wood is a hygroscopic material (meaning it absorbs water).  For this reason, it is important to maintain the environment the wood flooring is in.  The optimal range for oak flooring is between 45%-65% relative humidity, if you have underfloor heating this must not exceed 27 ℃ below the board.