Parquet Options

Flooring is a very important part of interior design.  In the current market clients have an almost endless choice of flooring options, both in terms of colour and design.  Oak flooring has always been popular, Elesco can provide a wide range of oak flooring options from planks to a wide range of parquet flooring designs. A beautiful wood floor can transform an interior.

Oak flooring a natural product and adds warmth to an interior.  The use of different oak flooring designs can help complete your design.  At Elesco we offer standard planks in various sizes, in parquet we offer herringbone, chevrons, mansions weave and basket weave.  We also have an in-house joinery team that can create bespoke patterns and designs.

Choosing an oak flooring is always a vital choice in design, we recommend choosing the design first this can be based on a few decisions.  The width and length of a room, the height of the ceilings and the overall design.  For instance, in a very busy ground floor with multiple rooms and designs something like the basket weave or mansion weave parquet would work well.  This is because they both are a non-continuous designs, meaning they don’t need to “point” in any direction and will flow beautifully between multiple rooms.  If you went for a standard parquet instead, you might have rooms that don’t quite work due to the directional style of a herringbone or chevron floor.  This can be overcome by using planks as a bridge between the parquet and then you can turn the design. 

The classic parquet designs are herringbone and chevron, which have been popular for hundreds of years.  These designs are similar but have subtle differences, herringbones have a weaved effect whereas a chevron meets in a straight line. 

In recent times more intricate parquet designs such as mansions weave and basket weave are increasing in popularity.  These non-directional designs are popular for large areas spanning over several rooms.

Once the design has been chosen, we would look at the colour for the flooring, unlike many of our competitors who only offer “off the shelf” products at Elesco we finish everything at our factory in York.  This means our clients can choose multiple different designs and the colour will be the same across the oak flooring.  Having one colour spanning over different rooms can add a feeling of space and can bring the design together from the multiple rooms.  Colour is always a personal choice; the modern trends are with lighter floors with a fleck of colour in the grain.  In rooms with low levels of natural light or smaller rooms we would always recommend a lighter shade, the larger the room the darker you can go.  We offer over 250 standard shades for our oak parquet flooring, and offer a colour matching service, no matter what you envisage for your flooring we will have a colour to meet this dream.  A high-quality oak floor will last a lifetime, so it is important to choose a shade that will look great now but always stand the test of time. 

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