Stair Cladding

Many of our clients enquire about our stair cladding, we can offer to clad any staircase in our engineered oak which will be the same colour as your flooring.  The benefit to this process is clients can have the ground floor and 1st-floor landings in oak and the cladding ties the design together.  So, clients can have a herringbone floor on the ground floor and planks on the upper floors with the stairs clad in all the same shade.

At Elesco we have an onsite joinery team, our skilled tradesmen create seamless stair treads, risers, and nosings.  The benefit of this system is the lack of a visible join where a nosing would normally sit.  Many of our competitors will sell separate nosings which may not be the same shade as the tread and riser leading substandard final look.   Clients will not have this issue with our stair cladding, no visible joins are seen, and the colour will be consistent across the staircase.

Do you have a curved bottom step? Again, this is a common problem with standard cladding and many of our competitors will square off the bottom step, this is due to the lack of technical ability to make a curved engineered step tread.  Our joiners can create this curved tread using our engineered boards.  This allows your staircase to have the appearance you prefer. 

We offer different nosing styles, either a traditional bull nosing or a more contemporary squared nosing, both created with no visible join.

At Elesco everything we do is bespoke finished, so clients can have any shade for their stairs cladding and match this to any design we offer, such as the intricate mansion weave or a traditional herringbone flooring

The team can also make kites and landings if required.

If you have any requirements for cladding please contact our team and we will be happy to help. 

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