Stock & Lead Times

Supply chain management is a very critical part of any business. In the current market oak flooring is becoming harder to source with many companies quoting 8–12-week lead times on many products. Covid lead to increasing demand for oak flooring, with many people completing home improvements. Covid also led to issues with supply chains, getting hold of raw materials was very difficult, China stopped production for a short period of time, and then shipping prices increased from $3000 to $20,000 for a 20-foot container, European supply was much better, but prices increased dramatically on all fronts. The current war in Ukraine has also affected oak flooring, with plywood and veneers becoming harder to source. During the last two years demand increased and supply decreased leading to many shortages in stock. This is still the case in the current marketplace.

Luckily at Elesco, we only source European oak and our mills have managed to maintain our supply, whilst the supply is slower than before, we are still received delivers every few weeks. We aim to stock around 15,000m2 in a variety of sizes and grades. This covers all designs from planks, herringbone, chevron and mansion weave. We also have contingency plans in place with back up suppliers to ensure we can always fulfil any orders quickly.

We only stock unfinished oak, and have our own finishing factory in the UK, this allows us to react quickly to any demand. We will never run out of a colour. Currently we are still offering our clients 2-3 week lead times on most sizes and grades. We also offer a colour matching service, so if you are let down by another supplier, we can produce the same shade with a short lead time. A video tour of our factory is showing on our YouTube channel here: Elesco – Our Factory – YouTube.

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