We are focused on our environmental impact and try and offset this where possible. We are involved in two main schemes. The first is Timber Neutral (TN), Timber Neutral calculates our materials usage for all our floors and then has projects around the world that replant trees. This way we are replanting trees to replace the wood we have used. This also looks at types of wood that is needed and in different regions. We receive audited reports from TN showing the projects that we are involved in. All of our engineered oak flooring falls under TN, this covers planks, herringbone, chevrons, basket weave and mansion weave.

The second, is FSC, we are certified to sell FSC oak. The FSC’s focus is sustainable sourced raw materials, not only the wood itself but the location and surrounding communities. This system creates a chain of custody, every part of the supply chain from the forest itself to the end user is linked together to create this chain, allowing clients and the FSC to audit the full chain and ensure compliance is met at every stage. If you would like FSC oak, please mention to this on requesting the quote.

Aside from the raw materials to make the oak flooring we also use market leading oils that are focused on sustainability. These include, Blanchon, Saicos, Ciranova and Overmatt. These suppliers support the European V.O.C. Directive. This aims to reduce the environment impact from their activities.

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