The Riven Collection

The Riven collection is a range of colours all based on a 240mm wide engineer oak flooring board.  The planks have a subtle wave to them, this is created using a planing machine.  Unlike some other similar styles of flooring on the market our boards are all end matched, this means the sides of the planks are always level.  This dramatically improves the feel under foot.  The oak flooring boards also feature torn face and filled knots, the overall grade is rustic.  The overall look is a beautiful unique floor.

The engineered oak flooring boards are sourced from the highest quality European oak with lengths up to 2.8m long.  The oak flooring is finished at our factory in York.  This range uses hardwax oils, this enriches the planks and gives deep rich colours.  We have 30 standard colours in this collection but will develop more as time goes on.  We only use the best quality hard wax oils to finish the floors.  We use a gloss topcoat for added durability and the sheen level helps to emphasise the marks and wavy nature of the boards.  Since we finish these boards ourselves, our clients can choose any sheen level for the topcoat, from ultra matt to high gloss. 

Traditionally planed boards were created by hand, but this is a very time consuming and difficult task, the results can look good but can be very varied and all depend on the skill level of the carpenter creating the flooring.  The use of machines has increased the look of the oak flooring and the production rate, at Elesco we developed a blade that can be used in a machine that creates our planed look.  Planed boards do look great, the light catches the undulations which gives the colours a different appearance from different angles, plus they feel great to walk on.  Currently we only offer one size of engineered oak flooring, but we are developing two other sizes, this will allow a multi width install or just give our clients more choice.  The sizes we are working on are a 120mm and 180mm engineer oak flooring board.

In relation to maintenance, this style of finish does not alter the care and maintenance needed for your engineered oak flooring.  Hardwax oil floors are very easy to maintain if you follow our guides your floors will always look great.

This style of flooring is only available in plank format, at Elesco we also sell a wide range of parquet (herringbone, chevron, mansion weave and basket weave) and plank flooring, all made from engineered oak.  Please contact the office for any further information. 

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