An important and often overlooked part for your flooring are the thresholds. It is recommended that a 10-15mm gap is left around the entire perimeter of the flooring. We do not recommend that you fit the flooring directly up to any solid surface, tiles, walls etc. The reason for this is because as the seasons change the humidity in the room increases and decreases, this can make the floor expand and contract. If the flooring is installed directly up to something hard such as tiles you run the risk that the tiles may crack under the pressure. Generally, most of the expansion gaps are covered with skirting boards but in some cases (ie doorways) you need a thresholds to cover the expansion gap. This is the same if you use any style of flooring from herringbone, mansion weave or planks.

Depending on the size of the rooms you could allow the flooring to flow into multiple rooms to keep the clean lines, if you wanted to add a break, under the door thresholds usually gives the best appearance.

At Elesco we can offer a full range of thresholds, and these are all colour matched to your flooring. The result are a clean look that maintains the expansion gaps around the flooring. We also offer a full range of stair cladding see Joinery.

We offer the following trims:

T Bar – These are used when the flooring comes up to a flooring with the same level.

Flat Edge – These are used for any external doors, bi folds, fireplace hearths.

Ramps – We offer a full ramp and semi ramp, these can be used to meet a lower level either with a large or medium height difference.

Full Ramp:

Semi Ramp:

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