Underfloor Heating Guidelines

Elesco floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating.  If the system is new the system must be switched on and running for 3 weeks prior to installing the flooring.  The heating system must be turned off 48 hours prior to installation, and the subfloor temperature should not exceed 18 ℃ on the day of install.  The system can be turned on 1 week after the flooring has been installed, please ensure the temperature is set very low and increased by 1 degree per day.  The maximum temperature below the flooring is 27 ℃, the system must have underfloor sensor that turns the system off is this heat is reached.  Please ensure the subfloor is dry and well prepped for the flooring installation, please see the “Fitting guide” for more information.  Underfloor heating systems can reduce the humidity in the room, this must be kept between 45-65% to ensure flooring stability.  It may be necessary to alter the humidity in the room using a humidifier.  If the humidity is very low this will reduce the moisture content in the flooring and could lead to cracking and shrinking.  We would recommend installing a Fid Box to monitor the environmental conditions.

Once the flooring is installed, please monitor the humidity and temperature to ensure the correct levels are maintained.  The use of heavy rugs / mats is not permitted as this will greatly increase the temperature of the flooring.  You can use low tog and hessian backed rugs which have a low thermal resistance.