Elesco are a family run wood flooring business based in York.  Our engineered wood floors are hand finished at our state-of-the-art factory, allowing us to provide clients with a wide range of finishes and designs with short lead times; a truly bespoke service.  Elesco offers the most popular styles of engineered wood flooring including, herringbone, planks, chevron, basket weave and mansion weave. Our oak flooring is sourced and from Europe and finished at our UK factory.  All designs can be finished in any colour from our expansive range, we offer a hardwax oil range and UV oil range, meaning we can offer clients an almost endless choice which are suitable for any domestic or commercial applications.  We also offer a colour matching service for our entire wood flooring range.  Please see our colours page for further details.  Our collections highlights textured wood flooring and different effects.   We stock large quantities of unfinished oak so we can quickly react to market demands and deliver your perfect floor in a short time frame. Please contact the office today to see how we can help with any of your oak flooring requirements on 01904 295223 or nik.nunez@elesco.co.uk

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Please see below for our all our technical support guides, if you need any further advice, please contact the office


Engineered flooring supplied by Elesco Parquet is suitable for use with underfloor heating system. You should not lay any solid wood flooring over underfloor heating systems.

Caring For Your Floor

Looking after your wood flooring provided by Elesco Parquet is remarkably simple and easy. With some basic maintenance your floor will continue to look fantastic for

Underfloor Heating

Elesco Parquet floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating. If the system is new the system must be switched on and running for 3 weeks prior to installing the flooring.


The collections at Elesco focuses on different textures and effects.  From burnt Shou Sugi Ban flooring to the beautiful FeathEffect range.  Our skilled flooring technicians hand finish these floors to ensure we produce the highest quality finishes.

Installation in London and surrounding areas

Elesco are a supply only company, having said that we work very closely with specialists installation teams based in London and surrounding areas. The installers can carry out a detailed site survey and let us know the m2 required for the oak flooring and any thresholds and trims to complete the job, this ensures our quotes are very accurate and nothing is missed from the initial order. The team will meet our delivery trucks and unload the wood flooring into the house, complete the flooring install and remove any rubbish at the end. If required they can apply a coat of maintenance oil to the wood flooring, they offer the full package and have extensive knowledge in installing wood flooring. We have been working with them for over 8 years and they have never let us down. We can arrange the site survey, and send you an approx. price for the install, we would then liaise with the install team and ensure every part of the install is streamlined, this way our clients only need to deal with Elesco and we can handle everything for you, we do not charge for this service and you pay the install team directly, it is a very simple process.

The teams have used all of our products and are specialists in wood floor installation, no matter if you choose planks, herringbone, chevrons, basket weave or mansion weave they will complete the work to a fantastic standard.

If you have any questions about this service please contact the office or email.

Lead times and Stock

We stock around 15,000m2 of engineered European sourced oak flooring at our Factory in York, this covers all the popular oak flooring parquet designs such as herringbone, chevrons and mansion weave and an extensive range of planks from 100mm to 300mm in either a 16mm or 20mm format. We stock 3 different grades; prime, nature and rustic. This allows us to quickly react to any client needs with delivery times of approximate 3-4 weeks. Holding high stock levels allows us to never run out of a colour, we may not have the exact size you need but will have multiple alternatives that we can offer our customer finished any colour.


Our factory has multiple finishing lines, our main UV line can finish over 1000m2 per day, we also have a back up UV line and a hardwax oils lines. The factory also contains multiple fuming chambers, brushing machines, sanding machines, tumbling machine, bandsawn machine, distressing machines etc. We have one of the biggest finishing factories in the UK. Since we hold our own stock and can finish this stock in any colour, we can offer our customers an almost endless choice in terms of colours, designs and finishes that other companies simply can not offer. Our specialist team of finishers have decades of combined experience, we work with the highest quality oils and stains to delivery not only fantastic looking floors but floors that will stand the test of time. We are proud to finish all of our wood floors ourselves within the UK.

Bespoke Joinery & Stair Parts

We look at every part of a project to ensure we can offer our clients the best package on the market. The wood flooring is the main aspect but just as important is being able to offer our clients a wide range of matching thresholds and accessories. We have an in-house joinery team, they specialise in bespoke stair parts (https://elesco.co.uk/joinery/). Many companies on the market will offer separate treads and nosing’s, the issue with this design is the two separate parts may not be the same shade and you will see a distinct line where the two parts meet, this look can ruin an entire project. What our joinery team do is to create a bespoke bonded tread and nosing, this way there is no visible line and you have the appearance of a solid step but made from engineered oak, the finish would match the flooring.

We offer a few options for the nosing’s, a traditional bull nosing, a more modern square nosing or a mix between both. The joinery team can also create kites, side returns and all aspects of your stair case, so no matter the design we can provide a market leading quality product.

We also offer a wide range of thresholds, trims and accessories, all which match your flooring perfectly, these allow you to have the required expansion gap without an unsightly mis-matched trim. These trims can cover the gaps up to external and internal door, around fireplaces, pretty much anywhere that will not be covered by a skirting board. These are normally made from oak, but we can offer a wide range of metal thresholds and trims if you would prefer a metal finish over oak.

Accessories & Oil care

We can provide installation & oil care items for your wooden floors, we stock a range of high quality adhesives to stick the flooring down or underlay and PVA to float the wood flooring. See our installation guides (https://elesco.co.uk/installation/) for further information.

The oil care is a very important part of looking after your wood flooring purchased from Elesco, we recommend using Saicos wash care for routine cleaning and Saicos Wax care for annual maintenance oiling. Please see here (https://elesco.co.uk/oilcare/) for our full maintenance guides covering every detail of the process. If you need any help or advice about oil care please don’t hesitate to phone the office.

Social Media

Please follow us on our Instagram page :https://www.instagram.com/elesco_flooring/. We post the latest images of our wood flooring on there and keep our customers up to date with new finishes and designs from the company. Our YouTube channel :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjejOfnqP0nEDl_HQVx_DNQ has many videos showing the production and factory. Other social media links are at the top of the page.


FeathEffect is a range of oak flooring developed by Elesco, we developed this range to highlight the natural beauty of wood flooring. The range was designed to be used with rustic flooring, prime flooring is becoming harder to source with high demand over the last few years. Rustic flooring has not been as popular. The driver behind the company developing this range was to make more readily available rustic flooring beautiful and the colours we have made show this. We used a rustic FeathEffect flooring at the Surface Design Show 2022 and it looked beautiful and everyone was impressed with the oak flooring.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring.

Engineered oak floors are constructed from multiple layers of wood, the top layer or lamella is usually oak. The core of the board is made from plywood, this method of layering timber adds stability and strength.

Wood is a natural product and is hygroscopic – which means the floor absorbs and losses moisture. If the humidity changes the wood floor can swell or shrink as the floor’s moisture content changes. Changing humidity can be caused by seasons changes or the use of air conditioning or heating systems. Engineered flooring outperforms its solid counterpart in relation to humidity changes and engineered flooring can be used over underfloor heating. Due to the increased stability of an engineered floor, longer and wider planks can be produced.